"Photography is best when it’s a collaborative effort, and you’ve always been such a great team player."

- Sam Levitan, Photographer

"I selected you as the Hair + Makeup Stylist for this photo shoot because you were responsive and asked good questions. You had a robust online portfolio that showed range. However, I was more impressed with your responsiveness and questions. You took the time to call me and ask about the intent of the photo shoot.... [Once on set], you were flexible and worked well under pressure." 

- Amber Peterson, Marketing, SteelCase

"Connie, thanks so much for stepping in quickly for our event at the Ritz.... You did a great job with everyone....  So glad to have you on my list of go-to resources...."

 - Dina Punturi, Studio 11D, Producer 

"Want to say Thank You, for a great job with [the talent's] hair + make-up, for contending with less than adequate/ideal working facilities, as well as some fairly beastly heat + humidity... You have all the traits I look for in a shoot team-partner, you're professional, timely, unflappable, and on-duty the whole time you're on-set! Those are all key to me. I hope we'll get to work together again, soon... And, by all means, if you need a reference (doubtful!) or want my recommendation - absolutely!!!" 

 - Robb Scharetg, Photographer

"If you ever need a reference, please let me know. You did such a wonderful job of putting both of our speakers at ease with the process. Very much appreciated. 

- Ahniwake Rose, Deputy Director, National Congress of American Indians

"It's very difficult to do an eye liner like that. So, well done." 

- Anna-Marie Solowij, former beauty & health director, Vogue

".... Honestly, I have never looked that good in my life and I probably never will again without Connie's assistance. It was a huge relief to find someone who was adept at working with South Asians and intuitively knew what colors and products would work for me.... Connie also disinfected the makeup and brushes, which probably explains why this is the first time I've gotten professional makeup done and not broken out the next day." 

- Saadia Chaudhry, Private Client

"You were awesome to work with and I hope we can do more together! You came well prepared. You have a wonderful presentation. The chair and the makeup spread really made my client feel special. It made it an 'event,' which is exactly what I am trying to create. I was very impressed with your understanding of the measure of light and the color it can give off!" 

- Margaret Wolf, Photographer 

"Temperature was in the 90's with about 90% humidity.The sun baked down on our talent, a senior citizen and a young girl. I don't know how she did it but Connie kept them from looking like they were melting and her easy going attitude helped relax our non-professional talent. Connie thanks for your great work and attitude! We'll be calling you again."
- Alison Nichols, Producer, Walkabout Productions

"I was concerned about how my 91 year old dad would look in a promotional video he was doing for his new book. Connie came to the set with professionalism, talent and a wonderful personality. She gave him a healthy glow and used her stylist talents to make sure his suit fit perfectly while he sat for the interview. She is a joy to have on the set and would add to the positive atmosphere of any shoot. She is at the top of my list of recommendations. Hire her!"

- Sheri Ratick Stroud, Producer, Wonder Pictures

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