"As a makeup artist and hair stylist, I get to pick up where nature left off and finish the narrative." 

-Connie Tsang

Connie Tsang is known for her calm presence and attention to details. She grew up as grandma's helper next to the sewing machine as she made the family's clothes. Feeling, cutting, and finessing with fabrics predisposed Connie to treating hair as moldable "fabrics" with infinite possibilities. But things didn't start to "click" until later on, when she became a portraiture artist. One day, she ran out of the peachy pencil used to render the cheeks. A blush compact nearby became an instinctive substitute. As she buffed the fine powder into the paper one layer at a time, the result was so pleasant that she decided to try it on real people! The rest is history... . Unlike a portraiture artist who renders nature, as a hair stylist and makeup artist, Connie now gets to pick up where nature left off and finish the narrative.

While it's always fun to be creative, Connie really enjoys working as part of a team, for that's when the magic happens! You can count on Connie to bring the following to each assignment:

- Respect for on-set hierarchy
- Johnny-on-the-spot work ethic
- Professionalism under pressure

While maintaining her own list of sought-after clientele and having had work published in Elle and Glamour, Connie has assisted artists from agencies, such as Streeters, IGA & See Management, working on shoots, including Vogue China, H&M, Lilly Pulitzer and Steve Madden.

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